Version 1.4 is OUT!


After finishing up some final testing on the new fanart features in 1.4 we finally nailed the last (known) bugs. So fire your download engines and update now. Oh you first want to know what’s new? Sure, well here goes:

  • Customize your home screen! By replacing the Movies, Shows or Music sections with specific apps such as Netflix, Revision3, Spotify and more
  • Fanart all the things! Now on your home screen, in your TV Shows, in your file listings, everywhere
  • New view mode! A fanart and poster focused carrousel view mode
  • Directly access the weather app from the home screen (move up to the weather icon that’s already there)
  • Automatically jump to the last unwatched episode of a TV Show
  • A Growl plugin, to send notifications on your Mac to your Boxee Box
  • A new plugin system, and new APIs for developers!

And these are just the highlights. There are a lot of other under the hood improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!

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99 thoughts on “Version 1.4 is OUT!

  1. This is so great! Updating as we speak!

    A feature request I would love to get implemented is to disable the whole “Viewed” system. Sometimes I just watch a few minutes of a movie to decide whether I want to see it or not, but it gets marked as viewed immediately. Would be nice to completely disable that (I don’t use it anyways).

  2. I installed Boxee+ yesterday for the first time and will be upgrading ASAP. I am so thankful that you guys have taken this on. It was such a shame and disheartening to hear the Boxee was dropping support for what I felt was still the best option on the market. Even if it did lack certain features. You have given all us a reason to fall in love with our Boxee Box’s all over again. Thanks.

  3. Awesome, thanks! Tried to update but after the box rebooted all the settings were lost and I was prompted with the classic “select language” screen. Ehm, almost ‘classic’ because this time I got the list empty: yes, I could scroll but no I got no string to identify what i was selecting…so i picked the first from the list and I got a black screen (I cloud hear the sound from clicking on the remote but nothing on the tv). Had to factory restore.

    I really do love your work, but isn’t all this new stuff too much for the little box? With the previous version of Boxee+ I started experiencing some “hanging” in time to time that made the box really painful to use (slow, really slow or even required a restore due to something like black screen after a simple restart!)

    In any case, many (many, many, many) thanks for all the work you’re doing!!!!

    • Well. It’s still a hack. So even though we try to make everything as stable as possible, there may still be issues some times. However the kind of error you had isn’t something I’ve been able to reproduce yet, so probably if you just restore and try again it’ll work the second time… Boxee itself is a bit glitchy sometimes, and it may just be a bad mix of bad luck…

  4. Hi
    I have a question about the last update ! How do you get the picture of the movie in the background like the picutre you post in blog on brave? Thanks for a good job ;)

  5. Love this update and all your work!

    Ive noticed one thing tho, if i remove Friends and Watch Later from the home screen, my Shows and Movies icons disappear aswell :)

    • Can you login on your boxee box with ftp and send me the file /data/etc/.home_enabled ? That should help me figure out what this issue is…

        • It’s there (otherwise you wouldn’t see any icons at all). The dot in front of the filename just causes it to be hidden by default. Just mark to show hidden files in your FTP program.

          • Ive tried two different ftp programs, made them show hidden files, but still cant find that file. Must be doing something wrong.. Well, hopefully im the only one having this issue, and perhaps its sorting itself out in future release :D

            Sorry for wasting your time

  6. Small suggestion. You added the music icon to the main menu (and the ability to remove any menu item). What about “Photo”?

    • Suggestions like to should go on the github issue page. You’ll see there this is a request which has already been made a few times. So looking into this…

  7. 1.4.1.. it seems I can’t shut it off anymore; choosing shut off just after a while restarts the skin.

    • Yeah, I’m having the same issue. Hadn’t noticed it before the release. Will look at it… Shutting down using the button on your boxee box works just fine though. Will work on a fix, but use that until then…

      • Just a information:

        If you logoff before (last option in the turnoff “screen”), you can turn off the boxee without problems (in the screen where your account appears in the center).

        I hope this helps to find the bug. :)

  8. Hey thanks for the hard work, Really liking Boxee+hacks. a Little hint I found out if you don’t get you’re movies or shows to show up right off the bat, just add unused icons to the home screen go back to the home screen and movies and shows should be back then you can remove the unused icons.

  9. You guys rock!

    I am on holidays now, but will install it as soon as I get back home. What about adding the option to share the blog posts via twitter so we can make some buzz on posts like this one?

  10. Anyone have a suggestion, ive done everything on the FAQ, followed every step,
    i even bought a new USB-stick formated it to FAT32, allocation 32,
    Put in the USB port, checked the files on the boxee, INSTALL folder on it only,
    Went to server: hostname: put in the boxeebox;sh /media/BOXEE/ ( with Caps and space )
    Checked windows file sharing, backed out and nothing, i read something about full memory is it plausable thats the problem and if has anyone had the same problem =(

    • You should only have the files IN the install folder on your USB drive, not the whole install folder. On your USB stick only,, and support should be there. This is also mentioned very specifically on the FAQ. Please check there for more tips if you’re still having problems first…

  11. Really, really nice!!! Thank you!
    It seems that the “jump to the first unwatched episode” feature are not working properly. It seems only working when you have the 1st season… O.o
    But all others features are working fine here! \o/

  12. Just installed this and got it running, I want to be able to watch Netflix (UK) on it as I have been wanting to do this since Netflix was launched in the UK and they just never bothered converting the US version of the app for us UK people.

    Has anyone got this working? or can tell me how to get a UK version of the Netflix app.


    • I think UK Netflix uses different servers and different content keys. If so then it probably will not be possible to get anything from Netflix UK to play (with any app) until Netflix or Boxee releases something for this themselves… Probably not much we can do about it.

      Also please post feature requests on the Github issue page.

  13. Thanks soooo much! I have 4 Boxees in my house and we LOVE them. Glad you guys took over the reins.

    I purchased a Boxee TV to try it out, what a piece of garbage it is. Refund.

  14. Had a few issues getting my Boxee to the “red icon” point in the install process.

    I had a FAT only key, which I copied only the contents of the “Install” folder to the root of. The key was labeled with “BOXEE”. I had the correct string typed in. No joy.

    I tried changing the case to “boxee” because that was how it was showing up via SMB. No joy. Changed it back.

    I copied the contents of the “hack” directory to the root of the key. I copied the entire contents of the download to the key. No joy.

    I removed the LiveTV USB dongle. No joy.

    Then, I reformatted the key to FAT32 and copied the “Install” contents to the root. Copied the “Hack” contents to the root. Copied the entire download to the key. Went in and turned off WFS. Exited. Went in and turned it back on. Voila. Red coloured Boxee icon. Had to go in and rechecked the WFS. Tried to get access to the Hacks configuration. No luck. Rebooted and … I’m now playing around with my Boxee+Box!

    Thank you for all your work!

  15. Hey,

    I installed this about five hours ago. Everything worked fine until these last 10 min.

    Im running v1.4.1.


    The screen because it thinks im clicking on the remote with superspeed fingers, back forward and play. It doesnt stop until I do a restart.

    when I did a restart it worked fine. I restarted it again just to make sure. Now I can’t get past the boxee hack logo. What happens is that I get the logo, the screen loads, goes back to the boxee hack logo and does this until i restart it…

    How do I fix this?

    And how do I uninstall boxee hacks?

    • I don’t know why you’re having the issue that you have. It might not even be related to the hack, because the original Boxee software also has its fair share of quirks and bugs that could cause this.

      However to uninstall Boxee+Hacks you can do one of these:
      - Either use the official uninstall process. Do exactly the same as when you hacked it the first time, but instead of /media/BOXEE/ use /media/BOXEE/
      - Do a manual install via telnet. This requires that you are fluent in unix shell commands…
      - But the easiest way to quickly disable id to FTP to the Boxee Box and go into /data/hack/ and rename the file to

      Good luck. If you’re still having issues please open an issue on the Github issue page for Boxee+Hacks, since it’s a much better place to manage and keep track of issues than here in this comments section.

  16. This might seem like a dumb question, but if only the contents of the install folder need to be on the usb what do I do with or hw do I use the other folders from the zip file? I have no idea what there are for.

    Also does the usb have to stay connected every time I use the boxee or can I remove it after the install?

    Thanks for all the hard work. It is much appreciated.

    • See the FAQ about this and more. The zip file is the complete package, which also includes files for developers. If you’re not a developer however you don’t need it. We’re using Github, and at the moment github only has an easy way to download everything.

  17. This is great thanks for all, A couple of questions:

    How do I update adobe flash player. I am in canadian and view the the news on CTV.CA and it will not play.

    Also on CBC.CA i watch the news and when a commercial comes up it sometimes just hangs and will not return to the news.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?



    • You cannot update Adobe Flash Player. To work with the Boxee Box you need a version of Flash specific for the Boxee Box, and that doesn’t exist yet. Boxee has announced that they will do a firmware update that contains this version, and when that happens we’ll update it as well. For now I’m afraid you’ll have to wait.

      • Thank for the quick response and I will wait for the update. On another note I lost the TV ICON which contain the channels. How do I get it back? thanks again, Peter

  18. LOVE the work you guys are doing! I don’t have time to volunteer any coding time, but I’d like to help. Is there any way I can make a financial donation?

  19. How do I add app icons to the main menu? I’ve looked through FAQ, WIKI, and BLOG and was unable to find this information.

    • In the Home Screen section of the Boxee+Hacks settings menu you can enable/disable icons, or for Shows, Movies and Music select an app to replace it. In a future update this functionality will be expanded to replace e.g. the Web icon with Netflix so you can have both local Movies and Netflix on your Home Screen.

  20. Question…after install should I change the host name back to ‘boxee’. I installed the hack and after removing the USB stick…fell into boot loop. I liked it when it worked – any insight please. Thanks.

    • No the hostname should not be changed back. The hack depends on the hostname to work, if you change it back you’ll also remove the hack.

  21. First thanks for all the hard work. You guys have given the Boxee box another chance. While I like the frequent updates I feel I miss some info/faq on:

    * Fan art anywhere. How? How do I upload fan art to be used on the home screen, etc?
    * Growl plugin. How? Some additional info would be much appreciated.

    Again thanks!

    • For the fan art look at the FAQ it explains exactly how to add fan art to movies and TV Shows.
      For the Growl plugin, there’s a plugin in the zip you downloaded at the start of the hack. In “more/growl” you’ll find a BoxeePlus.growlView file. Double-click it to install the plugin. This requires Growl 2.0 or newer. Go to the Growl settings page and select and enable BoxeePlus and enter your Boxee Box IP address. After doing this any message that shows up in growl will also show on your Boxee Box

      • First off i have to say that GOD somebody took over this development. OK Growl not working growl has disabled because not fully supported in Growl 2.0

        /Users/****/Library/Containers/com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp/Data/Library/Application Support/Growl/Plugins/BoxeePlus.growlView

        Growl version 2.0.1

        hopefully its just a small tweak and you can get it working

        • The growl plugin was specifically made for Growl 2.0; I run it with that exclusively. Are there any error messages you get? Please add an issue on Github for this as well as it allows me to better track it, and I’ll look into it.

  22. Is there any documentation on using the Growl plugin? I downloaded it and copied it into the plugins folder, and it shows as an option in Growl. However, it doesn’t appear to work when I test it and there don’t appear to be any options to enter the IP address of the box to connect to.

    • Make sure you’re using Growl 2.0. Instead of copying it to the plugins folder you can simply double-click it. It will ask to configure the plugin afterwards. This will show you a configuration panel with a place for adding the IP address.

      The configuration can also be found in Growl in “Displays>Actions>BoxeePlus”

    • As we don’t have an iomega TV to test this on we cannot make it work. In theory it could work, but there are minor differences which make the process fail now. We won’t be able to fix this unless we have a developer helping on this that has an iomega TV

  23. hello friends, any forecast for the launch of the fixes?
    sorry my english I’m using google!

    • As we only do this in our spare time, it’s sometimes difficult to predict when we have enough time to work on it. Some fixes are in the works, and I’m trying to get them out this upcoming week (probably tuesday)… no promises though ;)

    • No, any playback formats need to be supported in the core executable, and we cannot modify that because the required Intel SDK we need for it isn’t available.

  24. I get the following error when i use fanart. Those fanart do work with raspbmc.
    NOTICE: Traceback (most recent call last):
    NOTICE: File "/opt/boxee/skin/boxee/720p/scripts/", line 194, in ?
    NOTICE: if command == "grab_fanart_list": grab_fanart_list(int(sys.argv[2]), False)
    NOTICE: File "/opt/boxee/skin/boxee/720p/scripts/", line 175, in grab_fanart_list
    NOTICE: grab_fanart_for_item(item)
    NOTICE: File "/opt/boxee/skin/boxee/720p/scripts/", line 46, in grab_fanart_for_item
    NOTICE: label = item.GetLabel().decode("utf-8")
    NOTICE: File "/opt/canmore/local/lib/python2.4/encodings/", line 16, in decode
    NOTICE: UnicodeDecodeError
    NOTICE: :
    NOTICE: 'utf8' codec can't decode bytes in position 2-7: unsupported Unicode code range

    What does it try to decode? I have my movies in separte folders and i am using ember media manager to create german nfo and fanart.jpg
    Thanks for any advice

    • Please in the future when you have such an issue add an issue to the GitHub issue list, which makes things a lot easier to track for me.

      Text is encoded in a specific format when written to a file. A couple of common formats are Ascii and UTF8. The software needs to decode it into something the program can work with (which is a slightly different internal representation). However if the program expects a certain format (say UTF8) and it gets something different, then the decoding fails (as is happening in the case above). I don’t know why yet, but I’ll look into it.

  25. very impressive work here … and it’s clear that this hack took days to be done so let me clap for the reviving update for the lovely poor boxee box …. I have a 2 question .. could I use wireless keyboard to control the boxee box such as logitech keyboard :::

    is it possible to program “torrent” in order to work on boxee ??

    thanks guys … and don’t ever stop .. u’re da best

    • There is a plugin system in Boxee+, and a torrent client is in development for that. See Github issue #144 for more info.

      Don’t know about keyboard control. Can look into it. I think it should work the same as other programmable remote control devices.

      • Hi,

        It works perfectly fine using a wireless keyboard FYI. I have been using a Logitech diNovo Edge for quite a while, can’t live without it. Just plugged in the usb-thing in the Boxee and tadaaa :)

  26. I just did the hack. but after a while i got the logo to being red but now when im in the meny i only got
    Friends Watch later Apps Files Web.

    How do i proceed from here to get it fully working?


    • i got it working with all the “apps” that i had before :)

      now i need to figure out whats so great with the hack :) i wonder what the skins are that i have read about?

    • Go into settings, then Boxee+Hacks, and then into Home Screen. Then disable and enable some checkboxes there. That should get everything back to normal.

  27. I have two boxee boxes and was very disappointed that boxee had stopped supporting them. I was having a lot of issues with freezing and slow loading, I have over 1000 movies and 100 full tv shows. After I installed this hack I’ve had little to no issues, my boxee boxes have never ran so good. Not to mention the new features are amazing.
    I’ve send a donation and will continue to donate and I hope others who use this hack will do the same. These guys deserve it.

  28. it works in the boxee iomega tv?
    will you add modifications to the boxee os x computer app?

    • Unfortunately no it does not work on iomega tv. We don’t have any developers that have one, so we are not able to test and develop for it. The focus for this app is currently on the Boxee Box, but some of the modifications (with some work) work on Boxee OS X and Windows as well, and maybe in the future we’ll add support…

  29. Sup Boxee Box Plus developers!

    Great work already !

    Finally have artwork working for series. Still after reboot i need to change it first to the new carousel view for it to work.

    Any news on when an update is released for the reboot / shutdown is going to work again? It’s very annoying arghh

    Got three feature requests for now:
    1. Is there a way to add a divider or some sort in the carousel view to indicate if your at the beginning or at the end of the sorting mode? Now its just 1 big carousel.
    2. Can you add an option for the Watch later option to default start in for example movies? Or enable/disable the categories (Clips Shows Movies)
    3. Make a page on this website which states what the current released version is i cant find it anywhere !

    I know Github is the place for this but i think its very user unfriendly ;)

    • I’m experiencing the same fanart issue where I have to load carousel view before fanart shows up properly. Aside from that and the power control issues, Boxee+ transformed my boxee box into exactly what I was looking for; Great job developers!!

      • A preliminary fix has just been released. This doesn’t solve all issues yet, but wanted to get an intermediate version out already… See the new post on the blog (in a couple minutes).

  30. I know you would like us to post feature request on github, but I wouldn’t like to make an account just for this small thing. So I hope you read this.

    Netflix is an issue for us all non-US users. I know it’s not an easy fix, if there is even a way around it. So I’m not asking you to make Netflix work for non-US accounts, but..

    This is my current situation with Boxee and Netflix (outside USA):
    - At the moment I can go to VPN settings and use a US-VPN.
    - Then download the Netflix app and use it like a regular US-user.
    So no problem here.
    Anyway.. I’m using a free VPN service that cuts off after some hours of use and I need to change the VPN password to continue using it (superfreevpn).
    So after this cut-off, or I have accessed my local network (without VPN), the netflix app disappears from my apps!!
    So every time I want to use netflix, I need to download it again.. Is there any way around this? So Boxee would let me download apps that are not officially supported in my area, or at least not remove them from my apps list after I have downloaded them using a VPN. That would really help and make Netflix a lot more usable for us non-US users.

    Or even better option would be a way to use a service like Media Hint with Netflix. But I guess that is more difficult to achieve. That is a browser plugin that allows me to use US Netflix, but other pages work normally. Don’t really know how it works but I guess its one of those magical things that would be too good to happen for Boxee. :)

    Anyway, thank you guys for giving my boxee a lease of life. Hope it can still develop somewhat further and I can have my netflix/local movie box that works as I have always wanted to. Keep up the good work.

    • Even for this kind of thing, i’d very much like you to make a github account, because here it’s almost impossible to properly track issues, and to report stuff as solved etc. That said, this is not possible, because the Boxee servers tell the Boxee Box what apps to show. And that tells it to remove the app. The only way to solve this is by replacing the server; which is a feature we’re looking into, but there’s loads of other stuff to fix first.

  31. Home Screen fanart, I was able to get the tvshows fanart to work. Where do you put the image file for the Home Screen fanart? The FAQ only shows how for the movies and tvshows.

    • Just go into the settings screen, then Boxee+Hacks, then Home Screen, and as content for the home screen select Fanart. This will show the fanart mode on the home screen, and it will use fanart from both the movies and tvshows.

  32. We could make a petition to the staff of BOXEE release the codes. more signatures best. We could publicize the link requesting the signature of users in several places on the site of boxee+, blog and forum. What do you think?

    sorry my english I’m using google

  33. I have a quesion, I bought the boxee box yesterday and im pleased with it, but since im connected wirless I know that 1080p will buffer, So I tried 720p and it works great, BUT after one hour or so it started to buffer, ( I got a good router and good internet speed so this should not be the problem. My question to you is, Will boxee plus make the HD 720p wireless streaming better with less buffering?

    • There are things in the hack that do improve buffering. But it also depends on your network.

  34. If you could fix this problems than i will consider to do a donation to you people behind this hack

  35. Hello again ::: finally the fanart worked in the movies and the shows but not in the home screen ?? is there anyway to fix this ??

    I have a request :: is there a way to enhance the boxee web browser ?? for example adding “multiple tabs” … adding the “ZOOM IN ” feature

  36. respect!
    thank you for the great job!

    any chances to see
    - a ‘search local content only’ switch?
    - support for 3TB ext USB drives ?

    keep going!

    • Search local content only is a great suggestion. Please add it on Github, this helps me track all the requests much better than I could ever do here in the comments, and makes sure suggestions like this aren’t lost somewhere.

      • ok – wanna do
        regged myself
        should i pull a request (didnt get it …)
        open an issue ??

        kind regards thomas

        • Pull requests are for if you have code you want me to include, for this kind of thing just open an issue and describe as best you can the bug/feature-request/wishlist you have…

    • 3TB HDD’s btw isn’t possible. Would require a lot of reengineering of things that we don’t have access to, and cannot change.

  37. I’m from Spain, and i only want to say thanks for all that work you do, the boxee plus is amazing. I’ve got only one question… :)
    Can i put only fanart.jpg inside the movie folder without .nfo and the others files inside too?? I mean if i make this way, can i see the fanart in my screen??

    Thanks again!!

  38. I have just discovered Boxee+ today and I’m thrilled! Invariably, it’s only after a device is opened up that its potential is fully realised. I’ve been hanging out for the Boxee Box to get opened up so that the community can make the most of what it has to offer. Well done to the Boxee+ team and thank you so much!

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