Update version 1.4.6

Boxee+Hacks has been updated to version 1.4.6!

The new version mainly improves fanart support, and should get rid of those python errors that have been popping up for many international users.

But that’s not all. In addition the following improvements have also been released:

  • Fixes the Boxee Box shutdown issue
  • Increased SMB cache for better network performance
  • General fanart handling improvements (better detection for TV shows)
  • Friends can now be replaced by apps
  • Pandora app has been added as option for on the Home screen
  • Fixes jump to last unwatched episode when browsing in reversed order
  • Other small stability improvements

Updated to 1.4.6 (from 1.4.5) to include a fixes to Pandora music icon, Boxee Box shutdown, and some other jump to latest unwatched item issues

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56 thoughts on “Update version 1.4.6

    • No not yet. First wanted to get the script errors that most people were struggling with sorted out. Shutdown is next on the to do and should come very soon.

    • I’m not sure what you’d like to select more than you can already do now. Best thing to do is to do a request on Github and provide as much information as you can on what you’d really like.

  1. When can we recieve a solution on the shut down problem,? My boxee doesnt even want to start properly every time. And almost never shut down.. Really frustrating..

    Keep up the good work, love your addon..

    Thanks from sweden

  2. I’ve got problems with the Boxxe freezes in the middle of either a movie or series. Sometimes the whole movie freezes and the box restarts after a few min, but the most annoying is when the picture and sound freezes but the subtitles continues to roll, cant do anything with the box then.

    Is this a common problem with the hack or is it the box itself?

    Eitherway, thanks for a splendid job done on the hack, just to be able to choose between different sites on where to get your subtitle is great!

    • It sounds like an issue with some of the videos you have themselves. Not sure, since I’ve never seen this issue myself. If you can check if it’s reproducible with certain videos or certain scenarios that would be helpful in figuring out whether this is solvable. Try and make a bug report on github so we can track it.

  3. I’ll try to post on github, but when going into tvshow, initially gives me boxeehack_setwatched.python error if I’ve never browsed the show. No real problem there. Jump to unwatched has problems with extras where it places all episodes of the specials on the bottom of the list and doesn’t jump to next. Kinda hard to explain. It does seem more stable now though. Thanks.

    • Python errors should go on github (as you already figured out). It’s really helpful to also send the boxee log files along with that so we can see what caused the error.

      I don’t have any shows at the moment with extras that have unwatched episodes, but I’ll try and do some experimentation with that. Please also make an issue for it on github though.

  4. Just wanna say thank you for a great job and fan art seems to work fine now. Only thing I could see was that pandora is not working as button on the music spot. Works fine on friends tho. Keep up the great work. :)

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  6. Love your work, would love it if you was ever able to get openelec on with xbmc, the boxed software was rarely updated and your updates are brilliant, especially love the 3d overlays, customisable overlays would be cool, i doubt we’re ever get xbmc on these boxes but I like the features your adding from xbmc, Iwould like to see the divx, xvid, mkv, 1080p, 720p. 5.1, 2.0 stuff that xbmc picks out from the meta data on a future release of boxee hack.

  7. Great work m8, do you think it’s possible to make netflix work in sweden without using a proxy server ? That would be awesome

  8. Great work m8, do you think it’s possible to make netflix work in sweden without using a proxy server ? That would be awesome

    • Boxee controls which services are accessible where (which show up in your apps page) and I can’t change that. Then there is the Netflix app itself which does a bunch of checks, which we cannot change either. Unfortunately this will not be possible for us to do.

  9. Doing great work mate, more has come from you in your spare time in the last couple of months, than Boxee was able to do in a year.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. :-)

  10. Nice update!

    Only one minor issue though. Whenever an episodes end, the it goes to the top of the of the list of episodes and I have to scroll back down to the next one. I’m guessing its a bug in the new “scroll to unwatced” script. Though, when entering a show, scroll to unwatched works now, when it previously didn’t.

  11. Does anyone know how to kill the startup sound of the Boxee Box?! It’s so fucking loud and anyoning!

    • A bit unlikely. This is quite deep in Boxee code which we don’t have access to. Add an issue on github and I’ll look into it though…

  12. Thank you so much for this. I can finally shutdown my Boxee Box via remote so for it has shutdown 5 out of 5 times.
    Boxee+ is turning the Boxee Box into what it always should have been!

  13. So when I open Pandora it shows the Pandora overlay with the visualizer in the background. It is pretty amazing. Then after x amount of time, the visualizer takes full control and I can’t get back to the Pandora overlay. Is there anyway to make Pandora take focus and remain in the front so that I have access to the info, art and thumb up and down buttons?

    • Also, if you exit the Pandora overlay to change a setting or browse your library, there is no way to get the Pandora overlay back without launching Pandora again. This isn’t that big of a deal except it stops the stream and starts it up again on another station or song. Only mildly annoying. Don’t even know if there is a way to change that.

      • Yeah unfortunately that’s a limitation of the Boxee API for launching apps. Nothing we can do about that yet I’m afraid.

        • I found out that if I disable the screen saver then at least when I am just running Pandora, milkdrop doesn’t take over the whole screen and remains in the background. I don’t have a screen that I need to worry about burn in on so this should work for me.

  14. Sorry, I know this isnt the best place, but how can you change the music visualizer that is being displayed? TIA

    BTW… Thanks for all the hard work. My boxee doesn’t lock up nearly as much when streaming movies now!

    • You can drop in new visualizers in the corresponding folder via FTP. Check the wiki for documentation on how and where.

  15. I’ll echo everyone and say great work. Believe me, it is truly appreciate. I’m loving my Boxee more than I did when it first arrived in the mail.

    I have an idea for the “Shows” icon. Right now the other options for that icon are Revision3 and the BBC player. Myself and a lot of people I know use PlayOn for watching tv shows. Can this be added as an option for the “Shows” icon. It would be nice if the icon stayed the same, saying “Shows “, but when you clicked on it it opened up the PlayOn app.

    I’ll add this to the github.

  16. Is there any chance of a Boxee+ fix for the removal of AirPlay video streaming since upgrading to iOS6.1?

  17. Like someone already said; Thank you for doing more than boxee has for ages!
    Are you planning on more options for customizing? I would love to be able to have more control of the home screen layout.

    Thanks again!

  18. Is it remotely possible to replace the current file explorer with one that behaves like the one in XBMC, where it can show thumbnails from tbn files? Library view is okay, but I like organizing my media into folders and having access to new files instantly without needing scheduled scan and messing around with nfo files.

    • Check the github pages for feature requests such as these. Some improvements to go in this direction are already in there and planned for a (yet undefined) future release

  19. Thanks for all the awesome work. I would have to agree with the others your work is greatly appreciated and hopefully the boxee can be all that we wanted it to be. I will check out Github later an auto VPN would be amazing as I live in the Cayman Islands and am 100% connected to us VPN to get all my content.

    Keep it up we all appreciate it.

  20. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a setting that when you push “Subtitles” it could automatically go to -> Browse -> Browse Online -> and if it found subtitles take the one with the highest “likely to be %”

  21. I was wary of using any hacks on the boxee in case it didn’t work. But lately I have been having issues with how slow the boxee was working, and then finding a lot of errors in the process. When I added this hack update it seemed to clear that problem up.

    I was wondering though if you have any plans to add proxy servers as part of any future update. It would be nice to watch the bbc iplayer but living in the US causes a little pain in that regard.

    One more thing, I’m not sure if this was part of the update but since I installed the update I can no longer affect the volume from the center button on the remote. Just curious to see if that was part of the update, or if something is wrong with my remote.

    • The volume control was removed by Boxee as part of one of the latest releases. This is independent from the hack.

      We may in the future add stuff to more easily deal with proxies, but no specific plans yet. Add suggestions to the github page.

      What I do to deal with proxies and vpns and such is use unblock-us.com which only reroutes traffic to some specific sites. This approach allows you to use both US and UK services (and some others) simultaneously without having to switch all the time.

  22. many thanks for your investment into the boxee project. you have given a real breath of fresh air into this great little device. im grateful that the shutdown issue has how been solved. worked for me like a charm.

    just two small issues:

    - would be great to get a flash update in there.
    - the name “hacks” does your work no justice at all. liberation would be more appropriate!! hacks is always connected with something negative, could’nt you at least change the spelling to HAX ;o)

    • great to hear!

      As for the flash issue; there has been a lot of investigation into that, but the only way to get a newer flash is if boxee releases it. They’ve already said they would, and after that we’ll include it in this version as well. Nothing else we can do but wait.

      The “hacks” is in there because boxee requested it. It’s mostly due to naming issues and their trademarks, but also to avoid confusion. The project is still in development, and is just a labor of love some people are doing in their free time. This means things may break. The name “hacks” at least makes it clear to users that what they see is what they get.

  23. Wow, nice prompt reply. Wasn’t expecting it. I found a way of getting the volume control back up, once I had a look again at the settings – should have looked at that closer, sooner.

    Thanks for the tip on how you deal with proxy situation. I’ll put it to good use.

    Like the person after me, I was going to ask if there was a way that the flash could be updated in future updates, but I remembered the boxee team saying some time ago that they were looking into it. I suspect with the time that has passed and no update seeming to be any closer that it is proving trickier to implement and may never come to pass.

  24. Great Update! Anyway we can have an update in the future to add an icon for Youtube on the home screen?

  25. Hey, I am really loving 1.4.6 Thank you for what you have done! It’s a shame that Boxee dropped BB but thanks to people like yourself it has brought back life to this community. Anyway, a feature that I would like to see would be a visual to pair the boxee remote.

    And also the restart button does not work for me, the BB will shutdown, the logo light stays on the whole time and thats it no restart.

    Anyway keep up the good work!

  26. I’m having issues watching anything from an SMB share. It plays then I get video artifacts and loss of sound. This is new to 1.4.6.

    Where can I get a copy of 1.4.2 so I can go back to that version?

  27. I tend to loose connection to my shared SMB folder rather often, it happens when im leaving my boxee on over the night.

    Is anyone else having the same problem and is it related to the hack?

    Eitherway, as i’ve said in previous posts i dont mind restarting the box (though it freezes at the grey loading logo 2 out of 3 times, iäve read somewhere that it occrus when having drives connected through usb) since i love the function to browse other sites for subtitles.

  28. I also want to echo several other posts here about some freezes on SMB shares with version 1.46. I streamed at least 5 movies with the prior version and the pausing only happened once or twice, with this version it happened close to 12-13 times during the course of just one movie. Hopefully the admins can look into this for next version. Otherwise, everything is fantastic, so thank you boxee+ team for such an amazing update to the boxee box.

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