Targets for the next release

Hi guys. I’ve been abroad for a while for work. It’s been exciting and interesting, but has left me no time whatsoever to work on BoxeePlus for that last few weeks. Now that I have returned I’ve picked up development again, and am working on a few things.

The primary goal of the next release will be to fix the biggest bugs that people are experiencing with the current version. Most issues resolve around script errors. This is mostly due to non-default (foreign language) characters used in filenames or titles. But there are also some other issues that I want to improve. Next version should be a whole lot more stable!

As for timelines, remember I’m doing this while I also have a full-time job. However I hope to have this release out somewhere next week.

Also I want to tell you all how much I appreciate all the donations. I’m not doing this for money, but because I want these features as well; however it does help a lot that I feel the work is appreciated, and keeps me motivated to fix all the small details and issues!

Also you may have noticed however the donation link is gone. This is due to an issue I’m currently having with PayPal, which I’m trying to resolve. Hopefully I’m able to restore it sometime soon.

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49 thoughts on “Targets for the next release

  1. Great work, YES! Focus on a stable release instead of stuff! Had to take away Boxee+ and do a reset to the Boxee Box, because the machine restarted itself sometimes when watching movies over SMB.

  2. Very nice work ! you need to make the version faster and more XBMC like with the fanart and features :)

  3. thank you for a heads up! i also removed the hack due to some issues others are having. i will be waiting for the next stable release! :-) thank you for your time. time is precious!

  4. Great work, we all love boxee+.. Looking forward to se what you are going to take the boxee in the future !

  5. Looking forward to the next release. I suppose when this one is for bugfixing, the next one will be adding new features. Good job

  6. Great work mate, really appreciate the effort you have put into this.
    You’ve made a grest many people (including me) very happy.

  7. Huge fan of Boxee+. This is what Boxee should have been doing from the start. Do you have a place suggest features?

  8. Only found out about boxeeplus a month ago and really love it.
    I’ll keep an eye on the donate button.

  9. Hello! first of all, i appreciate your good work.
    second , is netflix going to be usable on boxee+?

  10. Hey. First of all THANKS, you really saved my boxee box!! ;)

    Here is my question (not related to boxeeplus but boxeebox in general) whenever i play some HD files (.mkv) in boxee box they tend to be “laggy” because it needs to buffer like every 1 min (diff. from movie to movie) This only happens with some files.. Are the files just corrupt or is it the box?

    This does not happen with the same files on my PC.

  11. To the Admins, you have done more to elevate the Boxee then Avner and his team did in all their years do development. I love boxee+ and all the hard, incredible work you’ve done on it. Thank you. As soon as the PayPal link comes back I will donate. Keep up the good, noble work. All the praise here is well deserved.

  12. This might of been brought up already but any thoughts on an iDevice or Android application?

  13. Great work, just bought the iomega tv with boxee , does this release and the old one gonna work with the iomega like the boxee or not.

    • Unfortunately the iomega boxee works slightly different (a few different paths and files). In theory it should be able to work, but because we don’t have one to test with, it’s not possible currently to resolve those issues.

  14. Keep up the great work, highly appreciated!
    I had the strangest experience yesterday, Netflix do not work in Sweden but all of a sudden it was there, among the apps. It was even possible to start it but later the same evening it was gone again. Some other Swedish users with the same experience??

  15. Very nice work! Congrats from Brazil!!!! I only tested it a little, but I already can say it’s exactly what I was looking for. Since the boxes staff put the boxee box in maintenance mode, the my boxee box experience dropped a lot! Some movies dont play anymore, some only audio, some only video. The box is a mess for me now. I hope to hear more from your precious work!!!

    • On the github wiki there is some sample information about plugins, and in the repo in more/plugins/ there is a working sample project that you can start with.

  16. Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work.
    You have restored my love for the boxeebox

  17. Please, improve VPN stability. I noticed some people had scripts to fix some issues that are totally cryptic to non-programmers. Thank you for all your work :)

  18. You really got me excited when I found this site. I love the Boxee but was getting bummed out that it was left in the pasture to grow stale and old. When I found that someone with some skill was polishing and reviving this little beauty, I was quite delighted. Thanks for the effort as it is much appreciated.

  19. Thank you for Boxee+! It’s flippin awesome.
    I love the new additions and the community helping/requesting with the new features.
    It’s brought my interest in the Boxee back to life.
    I even went out and got another Box b/c of the re-invigoration.
    Thanks again,
    P.S. Hope you can get the Paypal back, or setup some other sort of donation.

  20. Hey,

    Thanks allot!!!
    I only bought this box about a month ago and have heard that there is no more official support. So glad that you exist :) Didn’t try your SW yet but will do when the next one arrives.
    Any plans to improve the music interface? Really basic stuff like making a playing list and shuffle that list. Hopefully there are other music fans around here like me.
    I’ll be glad to donate when I try the SW and when you put the link back on :)
    Thanks again,

  21. Not sure where to post this other than in a comment, but what are the odds of having a plex client on boxeebox?

    • It could be implemented as an addon app that just browses the Plex media server. However that is possible with or without this hack. Better to ask about that on the Boxee app forums. A full Plex app though, is impossible, because it requires a level of access we don’t have.

  22. Keep up the great work!
    Last friday I all of a sudden had the netflix-app available among the apps. I started it and came to the login page but later the same evening the app was gone again. Anybody else that has experienced this?
    It should not be possible in Sweden to get access to netflix without VPN or similar as far as I know.

  23. Just discovered Boxee+ and I’m excited to try it out. A little nervous being that some commenters said they have had issues, but I’m going to give it a whirl anyway. Please update us when we can donate to your project.

  24. Thanks for your great work! Hope you will keep doing this!
    When will it be possible to donate trough paypal again?

  25. Thanks again.

    So all of these features were possible all along?

    And the most irritating (and many times promissed to be solved) bug off all for me ; The buffering when watching 720p/1080p wireless is solved too. :)

    Boxee Ceo`s should be ashamed of them selves.

  26. Really appreciate the work you’re putting in to this – along with everyone else I’m sure! Can’t wait to see what you bring us with future updates :)

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