Quick preview of version 1.4

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 12.41.58 AM   Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 12.42.11 AM

A quick preview of the new Home fanart feature, and the new fanart view mode. 1.4.0 is all about the fanart pushing it front and center.

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29 thoughts on “Quick preview of version 1.4

  1. Ironing out a few minor final bugs. After those or done it will be out, which should be today or tomorrow.

  2. I don’t understand why boxee stops with making new things for the boxee box I would even pay for a very big update with al new stuff like art etc doesn’t make sense to me

  3. Awesome! Current release works perfect! Where can I see which version is currently installed? And how does the update process look like? Many thanks :)

    • You can go into the Boxee+Hacks settings menu. In the general tab is a “Check for new version…” entry that also lists the current version. Click it to check if there’s a new version, and if there is it will offer you to upgrade.

      • Too easy… Should have figured that out all by myself…
        Okay gonna button bash until 1.4 is released!

  4. Very nice work, just installed yesterday. Great to see my Boxee Box isn’t dead from upgrades after all.

    Any chance a HD overlay can be created for TV episodes & Movie artwork?

    • Any request goes on the Github issue page. Not planning on doing an HD overlay yet though. There’s not much manpower behind this project and as such we don’t usually work on features that will be obsolete in a few months/years. Since everything is going to be HD soon anyway such an overlay doesn’t make much sense future-wise…

  5. Bro dont know if im totaly stupid, ive followed the steps but it doesnt restart, anything with a vpn thats blocking?

      • If it doesn’t go red then the USB stick isn’t properly prepared yet. Please check the FAQ for info on typical things that go wrong. Or visit the forums at forums.boxee.tv and check the Boxee+ thread there for help.

  6. hey! just updated to 1.4.0. and its looking fantastic! love the the new fanart on homescreen, however i get a message thats say the fanart script failed. and something is wrong with the icons. some are not showed unless the watch later is activated. but anyways thanks!!

    • Can you create an issue for this on Github, and attach your boxee log file so I can check what is going wrong with the script? Same for the icons, can you list exactly which icons are enabled and disabled? Thanks!

  7. Hi.. i installed 1.4, but fanart is not working anymore.
    And if i don’t choose last watched in the boxee hacks menu other icons disappear.

    • Make sure to do a clear fanart if it’s not working. Otherwise open an issue for it on Github which allows me to organize bugs and stuff a lot better…

  8. The update to 1.4.1 went flawlessly, as all updates have been so far (and I’ve been updating to every single version from the beginning). Everything seems to work perfectly as intended, no issues for me, and I’m amazed by how fast the carrousel view is. Totally loving that view in particular… but I love me some fanart so I’m very very happy with it.
    Keep on the good work, you’re amazing!
    (p.s. the blog on the website here could use so alligning… right now it sticks to the left side of the screen a bit too much…)

    • Please put feature requests on the Github issue page. This particular request has already been made (try a search on github for it). Unfortunately it is also not currently possible, since this requires some functionality in the Boxee executable that is disabled, and we cannot enable without a specific piece of the missing SDk for compiling Boxee. this is why we can only hack around the core and not fix base issues.

  9. HI,
    when i’m holding the square over “SHOWS” i just have the standard background, but dosen’t have it the same way as you do with the picture. is it possible to change the background myself? if so how to :) ?


    • To get the fancy backgrounds on the Home screen your TV Shows and Movies all need to have proper fan art. See the wiki and FAQ for info on how to arrange your files to have fan art.

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