Minor update 1.4.2

There is a minor update (to version 1.4.2) out now. New in this version:

  • fixes fanart not showing unless carrousel-view is selected
  • only shows fanart on the home screen if the fanart file for that movie or tvshow exists
  • updated settings for handling buffering of large HD files

There are more updates coming for other fanart related issues, however I have to travel for work for a week, and wanted to get this update out before then. Will give you an update when I get back…

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85 thoughts on “Minor update 1.4.2

  1. Thank you so much for what you are doing. You made me fall in love with my Boxee Box for the second time…

  2. Hi,
    New to this site,and new user of Boxee Box.
    thanks a lot for all of the changes and the development.
    also started to work on changes my self,but my work take almost all of my free time.
    also after programing at work all day,the last thing i want is to do it after work time.

    thanks alot

  3. Cheers! Have a good week(end) and thanks for the update. Many of us ow you (and the team) at least one beer ;)

  4. Thanks for this. Only the Boxee becomes unresponsive when trying to shut it down with the remote control. Hardware button seems to be fine though. Any thoughts on that?

    • “Thanks for this. Only the Boxee becomes unresponsive when trying to shut it down with the remote control. Hardware button seems to be fine though. Any thoughts on that?”

      Yeah that… same problem


  5. Great work. Thanks for doing this for us. Almost feels like the olden xbmc on xbox days.

  6. Thanks for the continuous work! Really appreciate it!

    Unfortunately though, the fanart worked fine for me in 1.4.1 and now it is completely gone along with the option to identify via NFO in the “identify” menu … hope you will be able to fix that

    • Don’t know why that happened, but please file a bug-report on github and I’ll take a look at it…

  7. this change “updated settings for handling buffering of large HD files”

    Whatever change you made a world of difference for me! I can not tell you how happy I am after this update!

    I have yet to have a single movie re-buffer or stutter, even 6 gig 1080p files are working for me now.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, just know that it is much appreciated!

  8. Awesome guys! The ability to add plugins has really made me think about new extensions for homeautomation etc.

    And if I can make a suggestion. Is there any way to enable apps such as VEVO in Europe that was previously available? I think there is a “region lock/lookup” or something in the firmware because the app itself will work and show up with a VPN.

    • Unfortunately not yet. The list of apps that is available to a user is managed by the Boxee servers. They control what is accesible where. So without using a VPN or unblock service you cannot get them.

    • It should change the Boxee logo to red and after a while restart. If it doesn’t then try reinstalling using the USB stick you did the initial install with.

  9. Is there any plans to publish some sort of change-log or user-guide for the hack? I have installed it, but… I have no idea what 99% of it is supposed to be doing or what exactly is updated or what all of the other folders in the downloaded folderstructure is there for.

    Like, there’s something about fan-art for the home-page… is that another word for a desktop background? How do I use that? What is this I find about plugins? Connect with http://FTP... uhm… ok… but how?

    The Idea of having a custom boxee interface is intriguing… but uhmmm… without any sort of user-guide or annotation I am at a loss to what it’s supposed to be able to do and how…

    I’ve searched around this site, went through the folder-structure of the download zip. I searched google, but haven’t found anything…

    • There’s an FAQ that answers a few of your questions.

      The fanart on the home page is the same fanart as you see elsewhere, it just on a timer chooses random art from the movies and TV shows you have to display on your home screen.

      If you’re not sure about what FTP etc. means then you shouldn’t be using it. At the moment the plugin system and FTP and telnet access is mainly for developers.

      For feature list check the release posts (they contain the changes) or the github page (that contains the full feature highlight) or check out the screenshots on this website’s homepage.

  10. Hi and tanks for given new life to BB.

    Have noticed two faults in 142:
    1 Fanart does not seems to work with NFS, but ok with SMB
    2 While browsing movies box rebooths with “script error in fanart_grabber.py”

    • The script errors are known issues at the moment that have to do with non-default characters in movie titles and filenames, mostly due to foreign-language films. Working on a solution for this, and hope to provide an update soon.

  11. After the 1.4 update my Boxee Box started presenting errors in python executable. Whenever I start to watch mp4 movies.
    Anyone else have this?


    • This is a known issue related to non-default characters. Working on a fix which is coming soon!

  12. Complementing the previous message, I am using the drive via SMB. If any USB device.


  13. This probably isn’t the best place for this, but I can’t find any typical method on your website (forums). Where is a good place to discuss Boxee+? For example, I’d like to know how to use the growl notifications, where to find plugins, etc. The wiki and FAQ are pretty lacking in info. Thanks!

    • Growl can be used by installing the growl plugin (which is in the .zip download) into Growl 2.0 and entering the IP address of your Boxee Box in the settings screen. It’s still a bit buggy and not quite ready for prime time, but am working on improving it. When the plugin is a bit more full featured I’ll also add better documentation on the website.

    • Yes this is a known issue at the moment. Working on a fix which should come soon. To uninstall follow the installation instructions but instead of install.sh use uninstall.sh

  14. Same here, can’t shut it off and some times it freezes in loading when trying to start it.

  15. I want to change the Background that Boxee use, can i do that? if yes , how?

    Have searching the system and dirs with a ftp program , to see if i can fin any bmp or png or tiff file. But no luck.

    • Not without modifying the skin files. The default background is not a file you can just replace…

  16. Bought my third Boxee Box. All three power off from the remote. My first two always did, even before Boxee+. I wonder what combination of enabled features on the Boxee Box is interfering with the shutdown?

    • Maybe it’s a original firmware problem, all i can say i have the same problem than Koen user. In fact I have two problems, one is mentioned and the other is an error when boxee try to load the fanart on the main page. Boxee reports an error like That…

      “/opt/boxee/skin/boxee/720p/scripts/boxeehack_grab_fanart.py”(I know, thats not the best place to report that!)

      I think the problem ocurrs when boxee are looking for show fanart.jpg files, and find that folders empty, Fanart script breaks for some reason.

      (exchuse my paintful english) :)

  17. this is great, next i would like you see a torrent app or built in torrent, more customization on the home screen, maybe fanart behind the video feed options or the option to put any app on the screen, maybe a shortcut to the film on the fan art background. an automatic fanart app would be good aswell, 3d option under genres rather than the wrap around currently on offer, would also like to see a video quality option so i can only see films that are HD, SD, 3D

    • Please put suggestions on the github page for it. Almost all of these requests have already been requested though, and most are in progress.

  18. brill.. love the new boxee+ and fanart looks fantastic on my 120″ screen….look forward to more updates..
    just one in particular will the web browser be updated…some sites like VEVO.COM don’t currently work for me..

    many thanks (keep up the great work)

    • Please put suggestions on the github issue page which allows me to better track any progress on it. The web browser though cannot be upgraded due to some code restrictions by Boxee that we cannot circumvent. Some websites don’t work properly because of a too old Flash plugin, and Boxee has already said they would provide an upgrade for that, that we’ll include. However we don’t have any idea when that will be released…

  19. Hi, and thx for an awesome hack :-)

    I have one question though.. Is it just me, or does anyone elsa having problems getting fanart to show up for shows (TV). I have gotten it to work for movies, but not figured out what to do with show. ANd yes, I have read the FAQ/Wiki :-)


    • Use the uninstaller. Use the same process as when you installed and instead of install.sh use uninstall.sh

  20. Very nicely done! The Boxeebox is far more responsive now.

    Any plans to have the discovery process link up to themoviedb.org?

    • There are plans for something like that. But automatic discovery is always a bit problematic, and since some of the other stuff (fanart and certain labels) require NFO files anyway, that is the preferred way of managing your media. Automatic scanning will get lower priority because of this for now…

  21. Do you know of any way of dealing with large mkv files using samba?
    Right now, large mkv files >2Gb using samba/nfs/upnp cause buffering issues.


    • More people have had issues dealing with 2GB+ files with or without boxeeplus. Maybe ask in the Boxee forums, there may be people who can help.

    • If you have issues please open an issue for it on the github page. As for your problem, I’d need a lot more details to be able to tell. Did the Boxee logo on your box turn red? If not then the files are not in the right place. If it did and it did not work, did the hostname change after the install? If not then change that. Also check the FAQ it already lists the most common issues people have.

  22. Since boxee+ my boxee box is getting very Slow when i try to open Shows or Movies.:(. Do you have any Solution on that?

    • Would need quite a bit more information to be able to tell. Better to post something like this on the github issue page, that makes it easy to track the issues, and you can also use it to find if others already have the same issues and any solutions to it.

  23. Nice work but the error message boxeehack server.py failed is now something i get to see every day.

    Do you have a fix for this? Otherwise i would like the chance to downgrade to 1.3.x

    • This is a known issue (see also Github) and am working on a fix for this, which I hope to release soon.

    • Among other things see the github issue page. The next upcoming release will focus on stability and resolving all the minor issues people are having now. Then I’ll look into adding features again. I’ll try and post some things about the upcoming release schedules…

  24. Thx 4 this update. Boxee looks even better now. I also have the problem shutting down the device from the homepage. What can we expect in the next update ? Do think the UI can still be improved. When selecting a movie, you get the info, the cover and the fanart in the back. However this info is a the top of the screen, covering most of the fanart. Would be better if you guys could adapt this and put the movie info more at the bottom like this:

    Nice cover, nice fanart, both of them can be viewed cause the movie info is more at the bottom.

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Can you setup an RSS feed for your blog so I can monitor update more effectively, please?

    • There is an RSS feed, and most browsers should pick it up automatically, but I’ll add a direct link to it too.

  26. Just downloaded and installed, so I have 1.4.2. Very nice so far. But… alas… only a couple fan art pics are showing up. I only added about a half dozen, but only 2 show up. What gives?

    • Don’t know. Please report bugs on github so I can track them and (hopefully) solve them.

    • Unfortunately that’s not possible, since we can only modify parts of the Boxee UI and not replace the Boxee executable itself, due to some restrictions in the firmware we cannot yet work around.

  27. Anyone else been experiencing a hyper-sensitive remote since the 1.4.2 upgrade? I’ll press the direction once and it will occasionally move through 3 or 4 menu items. I’ve tried using an alternate remote, with the same results.

    • This is a known issues with Boxee and is almost always caused by a battery that’s almost empty.

  28. First of all: what a great job you did here! I am enjoying this a lot! A quick question:

    Once you have installed Boxee+, can you rename the name of the boxee again? I use Airplay to play music through my Boxee and amplifier, but now my Boxee shows up with the sh command in it’s name. Not sure if it breaks anything if I connect now.

    • You cannot rename it back, because it depends on that name at every boot to run the hack again. Connecting through airplay works just as it always did though, even with the weird name.

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