Yes finally a blog. Here you’ll find the latest updates about Boxee plus and cool sneak previews on upcoming features.

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10 thoughts on “Blogblogblog!

  1. hello i have a nice idea,
    it is possible to multi-boot on a Boxee to set.
    after startup to choose.

    Boxee original firmare
    and Boxee +
    something like this

    1 Boxee original
    2 Boxee 1.35
    3 Boxee 1.40

    seems very convenient.
    but well who am I

    I translated this with google because my english is not so good

  2. great work guys, will never thank you enough, one feature though, how about continuous play (video clips under the same folder, plays continuously) is it included in your latest release? if not any plans to integrate it as one of the play options?

    again, you made my day, I was so desperate my boxee box was on sale, but your magic gave it a new purpose! and for that, you are the best!

    • Hi please post feature requests on the Github issue page. If you search there you can see this is already a feature request. No specific plans on when this will be integrated though and how, but check there to keep up to date with what happens with this feature…

  3. great job with the new update
    but i have some problems with the script for fanart.. comes up in the right corner..any idea whats wrong..?

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