Targets for the next release

Hi guys. I’ve been abroad for a while for work. It’s been exciting and interesting, but has left me no time whatsoever to work on BoxeePlus for that last few weeks. Now that I have returned I’ve picked up development again, and am working on a few things.

The primary goal of the next release will be to fix the biggest bugs that people are experiencing with the current version. Most issues resolve around script errors. This is mostly due to non-default (foreign language) characters used in filenames or titles. But there are also some other issues that I want to improve. Next version should be a whole lot more stable!

As for timelines, remember I’m doing this while I also have a full-time job. However I hope to have this release out somewhere next week.

Also I want to tell you all how much I appreciate all the donations. I’m not doing this for money, but because I want these features as well; however it does help a lot that I feel the work is appreciated, and keeps me motivated to fix all the small details and issues!

Also you may have noticed however the donation link is gone. This is due to an issue I’m currently having with PayPal, which I’m trying to resolve. Hopefully I’m able to restore it sometime soon.

Minor update 1.4.2

There is a minor update (to version 1.4.2) out now. New in this version:

  • fixes fanart not showing unless carrousel-view is selected
  • only shows fanart on the home screen if the fanart file for that movie or tvshow exists
  • updated settings for handling buffering of large HD files

There are more updates coming for other fanart related issues, however I have to travel for work for a week, and wanted to get this update out before then. Will give you an update when I get back…