Version 1.4 is OUT!


After finishing up some final testing on the new fanart features in 1.4 we finally nailed the last (known) bugs. So fire your download engines and update now. Oh you first want to know what’s new? Sure, well here goes:

  • Customize your home screen! By replacing the Movies, Shows or Music sections with specific apps such as Netflix, Revision3, Spotify and more
  • Fanart all the things! Now on your home screen, in your TV Shows, in your file listings, everywhere
  • New view mode! A fanart and poster focused carrousel view mode
  • Directly access the weather app from the home screen (move up to the weather icon that’s already there)
  • Automatically jump to the last unwatched episode of a TV Show
  • A Growl plugin, to send notifications on your Mac to your Boxee Box
  • A new plugin system, and new APIs for developers!

And these are just the highlights. There are a lot of other under the hood improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!